Search and selection is, in simple terms, the process of finding the most appropriate candidates to fill any specific role, approaching them to gauge their interest, selecting the best of these and securing their services. Here’s how you can expect to work with Amelia Bond to find the people you need.

Understanding you

We start by asking questions, by listening to you and by understanding your business. The better we know you, the better we can present your opportunity to potential candidates.

What we need to know

Before we start our search we’ll need to understand: why you have a vacancy; what skills are missing from your team; what type of business experience/acumen would benefit your team.

How we search

We create a target list of suitably qualified candidates based on our research, gathering candidate data using a number of tried and trusted search and selection methods. After you’ve reviewed and considered the list, we approach each appropriate candidate. The list varies from 10 to 50 names, dependent on the role. All ‘potentially interested’ candidates are met by us face-to-face. You’ll normally see a final shortlist in just 2 weeks.

What do you have to do?

Simply make yourself available at short notice to talk to us. This could be day or evening. Head-hunting is a candidate-focused approach to recruitment. To make yourself attractive to the best talent, you need to respond quickly, set convenient interview times and understand the candidate psyche. We will help you to do this.

Closing the deal

We are exceptionally experienced in closing deals. It’s a crucial part of the service you are paying for and you are far more likely to get an acceptance if you leave this to us. Candidates rarely want to discuss salaries/expectations in a meeting.

Counter-offers and notice periods

Good businesses never want to lose talent. Many of our candidates receive counter offers from their current employers. However, by the time they resign, we know candidates extremely well and will coach them on how to deal with the resignation process, counter offers and their notice period.

Do we keep in touch with placed candidates?

Yes… and no. We usually contact candidates immediately after they start and again after two months. Thereafter we only talk to them if they need to recruit a team of their own as part of their new role with you.