Meet Liz Smith, previously holder of key roles in HR. This is who you'll be working with.

Not just now and then. Not just for the first couple of meetings. But all the time, every time you talk about what you need and who could fit the bill.

That’s because Liz is the driving force behind Amelia Bond. She takes personal control of every assignment and is solely responsible for every client or candidate.

So when you call, and whenever you call, Liz is the person who you’ll be talking to.

Passionate about delivering great service, Liz will show you how search and selection can not only be affordable, it can deliver great results quickly.

She’ll also help you to form a long-term view of where you want to reach, make use of her talent-spotting capabilities and build your practice or your career by building a relationship with Amelia Bond.

About Liz Smith

In her spare time Liz loves baking cakes, restoring old furniture and driving her two classic Volkswagens (‘Sandy’ the Campervan and ‘Gertie’ the Karmann Ghia).